Independent designer from Lima, currently based in Barcelona. Passionate about working on projects at the intersection of design and social change. Also co-founder of Candela Brand Kitchen.

I design digital products, websites, brands and communication strategies working closely with corporations, start-ups, entrepreneurs and social movements with a focus on social justice, sustainability and gender equality.

I hold a Master’s in Design for Emergent Futures from Elisava & IAAC, collaborating on projects at the intersection of futures literacy and community engagement with school children and migrant women. My Master’s project has been featured in Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven, 2023), Distributed Design (European Union) and exhibited during Fixing The Future Festival (Barcelona, 2023).

Who I have worked with

Service and UX Design

I co-design journeys starting with user insights and exploring possibilities through experimentation and prototyping.

Hablemos Entre Patas
(Conversations with friends)

How might we design a highly scalable, low touch and high impact initiative to combat Intimate Partner Violence?
(Website access upon request).

Hablemos entre Patas (HEP) is the Peruvian adaptation of the The Real Man Challenge (RMC) - a mobile messaging program that prevents intimate partner violence via WhatsApp to men who have opted in to practice positive behaviors with their partners.

Safe Spaces

How might we intervene systemically in companies, transforming employees into agents of change to create safe workspaces and combat workplace sexual harassment?

We designed a framework to evaluate the potential impact of different experiments and initiatives to tackle sexual harassment. We designed a proposal for top-down and bottom-up cultural interventions at a company-level.


How might we create a continuous education start-up from scratch to transform Latin America into the most digitally-savvy region?

Colectivo23 is an education start-up for professionals in Latin America that want to boost their skills in the digital era. The purpose is to shorten the digital skills gap in the continent and help companies find the right talent for the challenges of this era.

Brand Sprints

I design brands for concept testing and prototyping using the sprint methodology and for product launches.

(in collaboration with Mutaciones)

Brand sprints for internal projects, events and milestones.


Brand process for testing value proposition of new products.

Candela Brand Kitchen
(in collaboration with Kuri Matayoshi)

Brand projects for start-ups, including strategy and final communication pieces.

Presentation and Storytelling Design

I craft presentations from scratch following brand guidelines, design tailor-made presentation templates and do presentation makeovers.

Cometa Deck Template

Pitch decks from scratch, building on an existing brand.

Innova Schools

Presentation redesigned according to visual preferences and style.

(in collaboration with Beta Lab)

Tailor-made presentation template that can be used for presenting research findings.

Website Design

I employ no-code tools to design and build websites for start-ups and products working towards social change.


How might we design a product page for a Latin American start-up focused on simplifying bureaucratic paperwork?

How might we design a recruitment landing site for a Fellowship program for Latin American social leaders?
FEST Mural

How might we design an interactive and remote experience for attendees to an online innovation festival?

Hire me for

Design Research
Service Design
UX/UI Design
Product Design
Sacrificial Concepts and Rapid Prototyping
Innovation Consultancy
Brand Strategy
Website Design
Futuring and Trends

Articles I’ve written

Identifying Gender Bias in Midjourney
Ecofeminism and Collage Creation Workshop with Mamás que Leen
How we designed a book using Google Slides
Colectivo23: Una marca para reflejar nuestra visión [Spanish]
Victorias: Un libro para celebrar nuestros primeros cinco años [Spanish]

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